Things I liked about Brave…

…the new Pixar movie released this weekend, which I saw today.
1. Scotland
2. Emma Thompson
3. Mumford and Sons
4. a heroine with spectacularly explosive hair
5. a heroine who doesn’t think getting married should be her #1 goal in life (but who is open to getting married at some point)
6. a great, and realistic, mother-daughter relationship
7. bagpipes
8. beautifully animated scenery
9. magic
10. kilt humor

3 thoughts on “Things I liked about Brave…

  1. Oh, I forgot two more:
    11. a score by Patrick Doyle
    12. Robbie Coltrane

  2. Wow! Quite a list! I shall have to go see this movie sometime in the next two weeks. ROBBIE COLTRANE!!!!!!

  3. Yeah! But you can’t even tell it’s Robbie Coltrane because he has a Scottish accent. Same with Emma Thompson. I didn’t know until I saw the credits. It’s still cool to know they were in it, though.

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