The child is father to the man

Well, so much for posting every week. My last few weeks have been busy, but I’m hoping to get back on a regular schedule. The purpose of today’s post is clear: I want to show you how darn cute I was as a child. Also, I want to point out how some of my interests were established at a very early age. Photo credits are shared by whichever parent took them ages ago and Sarah, who recently scanned them. P.S. If you know the origin of the quote in the title, and/or what it’s supposed to mean (without Googling it!), feel free to show off your knowledge in the comments.

I still enjoy . . .


being feted, especially when presents are involved.


wearing costumes.


being in charge.





One thought on “The child is father to the man

  1. You were an adorable child, Tess. And what is even better is you are still pretty adorable! And, while your title sounds familiar, I would have to Google to find the source.

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