songs you should drop everything and listen to

Deeply embroiled in grading, I’m taking just a minute to share with you the front-runner for my favorite “new” (to me) Christmas song this year: “Christmas Must Be Tonight” by The Band. This is an old song that I just discovered this year, and I really dig it. I’ve been realizing this year how much I like The Band. Over the summer, I discovered their wonderfully surprising part-bluegrass, part-zydeco cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.”

Let me know what you think. And what Christmas songs are you enjoying this year?

2 thoughts on “songs you should drop everything and listen to

  1. Carol Saylor says:

    I bought Pentatonic’s new Christmas CD and I’m enjoying my go-to every year favorites of Clay Aiken, Amy Grant, Sandy Patti and Michael W. Smith. I didn’t care for The Band’s song, and one of my favorite Christmas songs is Clay Aiken’s version of Dont Save it all for Christmas Day.

    • I listen to Clay Aiken’s Christmas album, and his EP “All Is Well,” every year too! And I like Michael W. Smith’s Christmas music; you reminded me that I should listen to some of that this year too.

      “Christmas Must Be Tonight” is a little twangy; I don’t know if that’s why you disliked it, but I can understand that it might not be for everyone. And that’s okay!

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