Fairies in Melbourne

Fairies may be living in Melbourne, Australia.  Here is some evidence.

In the Melbourne Zoo (the world’s oldest zoo, but with a lot of up-to-date features reminiscent of Disney’s Animal Kingdom), there is a statue of Peter Pan similar to the one in London’s Kensington Gardens, where fairies found the baby Peter.  If you look closely, however, you’ll see that the Melbourne Peter is accompanied by a kangaroo.


Another good home for fairies in Melbourne is Fitzroy Gardens.  This park looks like (and is) a place where Victorians had Sunday picnic fundraisers for the children’s hospital.  Though the main thoroughfares are broad walkways lined with stately trees and charming classical statuary, there are several little wildernesses ideal for getting briefly lost (if you are a human) or living (if you are a fairy).  But the best evidence that fairies live in Fitzroy Gardens is the Fairy Tree–see below.


4 thoughts on “Fairies in Melbourne

  1. Hey, Tess, those are cool. i will try to visit if I am able before i leave. Glad you made it home safe, but I am more glad you guys were here!

  2. Now there are three places you have visited that make me a little envious….Kensington and Fitzroy Gardens and the Melbourne Zoo!
    I am so glad you and Sarah were able to enjoy the past week together and to help brighten your dad’s week!

  3. Hey Dad, you should definitely go to Fitzroy Gardens before you leave; it will only take you about an hour to walk through (maybe less if you don’t get lost in the wildernesses). I’m glad we got to spend last week with you too!

  4. […] excited I was to see him at the Melbourne Zoo; you saw the picture I took as proof.  (See the post “Fairies in Melbourne.”)  I want to establish this because I’m going to share a poem I scribbled down Sunday night […]

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