Penelope Clearwater Revival…

…would be a good name for a Southern-inflected wizard rock band. Feel free to use it if you are thinking of starting one (as I’m sure many of you are).

A Penelope Clearwater Revival is also what this blog needs. I feel like I need a theme, or something give people a reason to actually want to read my blog. I’ll get back to you on that. Maybe more pictures of fairies?

6 thoughts on “Penelope Clearwater Revival…

  1. PCR doesn’t have quite the same ring as CCR!

  2. Tess, the picture of the fairy tree in the park will have to be my only look at it for now. I finished my work Wednesday, booked a GOR tour for Thursday, and moved my flight up to Friday, so I will miss the Gardens and the zoo, and the jail.

    Just leaving some things to do when-if-I come back to Melbourne.

    So thanks for the picture of the Fairy tree! Now I must be off, or the 12 Apostles, plus or minus a few, may miss me, or I them.

  3. Too bad about the fairy tree, etc., but the Great Ocean Road is definitely the top must-see. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

  4. Iris says:

    Well, I made one recently, since my friend suggested that name as well! I was just checking google to see what came up.

    • That’s so cool, Iris! I’m listening to your song right now. I was just thinking of silly CCR parody songs, so what you’re doing is a lot classier than what I had imagined when I wrote that post. 🙂

  5. […] Post that elicited the most interesting comment: After I jokingly suggested that Penelope Clearwater Revival would be a great name for a Southern-inflected wizard rock band, a commenter who’d Googled the phrase wrote to say that she had started recording music under that name! […]

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