special guest next week: send me your questions!

Hi everyone! Next week, I’m going to have a special guest on my blog: my fiance, Jordan Martinus, a magnetics design engineer who enjoys playing role-playing and board games, teaching kids at Bible Study Fellowship, and staying active with CrossFit and basketball. He also loves hanging out with me and participating in such pastimes as walking, cooking, and watching movies. What would you like to know about Jordan? Post your questions here, and we’ll tackle them in next week’s post!

3 thoughts on “special guest next week: send me your questions!

  1. Carol Saylor says:

    He sounds like a wonderful young man, and I’m so happy for the two of you to have found each other! So, a couple of questions: what does a magnetics engineer do … first time for me to hear that kind of engineer? What are his favorite board games and his top five favorite movies? Thanks, this will be fun! 😊

  2. sirrahleumas says:

    -What are Jordan’s favorite movies and/or board games?
    -Important question for both of you: will COVID-19 disrupt your nuptial plans at all? (Unfortunately, it might disrupt whether or not we can attend!)

  3. Thanks for the questions, Carol and Sam! Sam, I’ll go ahead and answer your second question now: Yes, we’ve all but decided to postpone our wedding and reception (until when, we’re not sure) but go ahead and get married in a small ceremony at home. Official communication will follow once we’ve figured out all the details.

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