Jordan Martinus: the interview

Last week, I asked you to send me some hard-hitting questions for my fiance Jordan Martinus, and you responded in a big way. I don’t even know the answers to all these questions. Without further ado, the answers to your burning queries.

We received several questions about Jordan’s favorite games, from Charity Lane, Carol Saylor, and Sam Harris. Jordan, quick–give us your top ten.

Jordan: Top ten, quick? That’s just not fair. When you have over 100 board games, it’s hard to choose so few! But here are ten that stand out as of late.

Telestrations, Saloon Tycoon, Sheriff of Nottingham, Splendor, Dominion, Kingsburg, Codenames, Wingspan, Tower of Madness, and Star Wars d6 (this last one is a tabletop roleplaying game).

Carol and Sam also wanted to know about your favorite movies. Let’s make it hard–how about just your top five on this one?


  1. The Princess Bride is definitely my favorite.
  2. the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It would be a crime to leave this epic off the list.
  3. Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope (Tess said I could choose only one of the franchise.)
  4. Stardust (Fun fact: We watched this the night before we got engaged.)
  5. Serenity (I’m including this because I really wanted to say Firefly, but Tess wouldn’t let me put a TV series on the list)

Lydia Christoph asked you for your favorite novel.

Jordan: I’m going to cheat and tell you my favorite novel series: Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. Since I read Oathbringer most recently, I could say that’s my favorite novel, but I’m really looking forward to book four in the series: Rhythm of War, coming out later this year. I really love Sanderson’s worldbuilding and uniquely crafted magic systems present throughout his many series.

And now that we’ve covered your faves in some crucial categories, Carol wants to know what a magnetics engineer does. Put it in layman’s terms for us, Jordan.

Jordan: The short of it is that it’s a very attractive field.

But in all seriousness, I design, develop, and test custom solenoids to provide solutions for the unique needs of my customers. So now I need to briefly explain what a solenoid does to try to put this all in layman’s terms. A solenoid is a magnetic coil that uses electricity to close and open things. Some practical examples would include controlling the flow of a beverage (pop or soda depending on where you’re from) dispenser, creating the alternating suction in a cow milker, and acting as an emergency breaker in high-voltage power lines. In all of these, the movement is generated by the magnetic force. Much of my work takes place using magnetic simulation programs and modeling software. Tess likes the pretty pictures I create with the simulation programs.

I’m going to quote this question directly. It comes from Vickie Stockslager: “How much do you love and admire your future mother-in-law, Jordan?”

Jordan: Well, Vickie, thank you so much for asking that wonderful question. I have very much felt included in the Stockslager family from very early on, and that includes feeling loved by you all. As I am head over heels in love with your daughter, and I owe much to how you helped to raise her and continue to be there for her, I can say with extreme confidence that I love my future mother-in-law very much! I look forward to continuing to admire and love you even more as I go through the adventure of life with your daughter.

Finally, Sam wants to know if COVID-19 will affect our wedding plans. Yes, Sam, we are having to push back our celebration to September (details to come), but instead of waiting until then to get officially married, we’re having a small ceremony with our families in early May. We’ll post pictures!


5 thoughts on “Jordan Martinus: the interview

  1. Carol Saylor says:

    That was fun! Thanks for all the great answers, especially about Vickie!
    Also, sorry about this, but I’ve never heard of any of those board games! 😊

    • You don’t have to be sorry; he likes weird games! Telestrations is a fun party game, and I guess Codenames would be considered a party game too, but the rest of these are complicated games that nerds like to play. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I did enjoy Wingspan, though! It’s about birdwatching.

  2. Aunt Jessie says:

    Love to you both.

  3. […] you know if you read my interview with Jordan, he is a massive board game geek and owns more games than anyone I’ve ever met, […]

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